Andrew Harrold

Andrew Harrold

Career Highlights

  • Andrew’s first job out of school was serving in the Royal Australian Air Force in Australia and Southeast Asia in a career spanning nearly 12 years. After leaving the RAAF he spent some time in sales and marketing roles before going on to running a successful home renovation business for 15 plus years. These days he is a Principal Investigator in the Australian Public Service.
  • Andrew is a Holotropic breathwork facilitator, Kundalini Reiki Millennium Master Teacher and Somatic Healer. He has an interest in the use of multi-modality healing for mental health, with a passion for helping Veterans with PTSD for whom contemporary medicine has not worked.

In his spare time, he volunteers as a Senior Deputy Captain with the ACT Rural Fire Service as a way of continuing service and loves to spend time in nature with his kids.