PTSD Testimonial

I'm a couple days away from being back with my beautiful family. I left Orion's house and land today. I can't begin to tell you how deep we went into shifting my PTSD/whole entire reality!. Orion has changed my life and I feel full of love, gratitude, excitement, inner strength and most of all love for myself. I have also participated in making this change with every ounce of life I have in me. There is no half way. It's a decision we all have to make in life and when we make that decision we must follow through all the way. If we don't, we see the same old patterns re-emerging and most times even worse than before.

I'm grateful beyond words to my beautiful magical wife for being there for me these last 10 years through all of the hard times I have put her through with my PTSD. She is a warrior. She is very very strong. I'm a very lucky man to have her in my life. I'm so excited to be able to share this life with her and all the lessons in it, until the end of my days. I love her so much.

I hope anyone that deals with this kind of issue can find it in themselves to take a step in the right direction. Give into yourself the right way by listening to your heart. Just take a step that's all you need to do. One step at a time. Each step gets stronger and stronger.
I feel like I've found a friend and teacher for life with Orion. When I first met him I was blown away by his huge spirit and commanding presence. He is a grizzly bear and will not let your inner demons hide. I was immediately humbled and full of respect for him.

When I got to his place I felt I was home. I felt a brotherhood or kinship like I've never felt before. This made me feel very open and safe which I never expected. I slept in the beautiful forest on his land in a swag for 3 nights in the rain every night which was good for me. A huge amount of healing took place in a 4 day period and now I must fill that space, where the old story was, with gratitude and love. I must be vulnerable.

I am grateful to be here.

November 2018