Pete's PTSD Testimonial

Pete's PTSD Testimonial.

I came to Orion 3.5 years into recovery from ice addiction, I'd previously tried all therapies available (medications, c.b.t, d.b,t, e.f.t. meditation, journaling, art therapies, music therapies, counselling etc) without much success. I had PTSD from my childhood followed by a life of living on the edge. I have served in the Army including a tour of East Timor.

I arrived at Elebanah and was met with compassion, empathy and fortunate to be among a community of healers training under Orion. I was surrounded by nature and given time to adjust to being back in a natural environment - away from the concrete jungle. I had forgotten how peaceful and healing the forest environment is.

With Orion, during various ceremonies and healing rituals I was able revisit childhood trauma which underpinned my addictive behaviours. Post the ceremonies and in the ensuing weeks I've noticed a remarkable shift in my abandonment fears, my rejection issues, and not being heard, I've also not had a single nightmare which I previously would wake 2-3 times a night in panic.

A massive gain in my overall sense of being has been achieved. My memories are now forming a lot differently and my overall perception of life has shifted. My relationships are a lot better, now with a sense of clarity in my own mind and the head chatter has stopped, a real sense of peace and calmness is within me.

Elebanah is healing. I would not hesitate to recommend Orion to any man who is wanting to become a complete man, at peace with himself and the world.


August 2019