The Wyla Way Trauma Recovery Program runs for five (5) days on the Central Coast and Blue Mountains of NSW.

Return to wellness.
Return to community.

TBA 2023

"No judgement, no advice, no evangelism" - the Wyla Way

The very latest in neuroscience suggests that trauma is physioneurosis (it is held within the body rather than the mind). Which goes hand-in-glove with the old ways of healing trauma i.e. taking the body through trusted time honoured processes to release trauma. When the body leads the heart and mind will follow.

Welcome to the Wyla Elder Warrior Program.

This unique Integrative Medicine program is a 5-day residential intensive held on the Central Coast of NSW. It combines cutting edge neuroscience on trauma and clinical psychology for wellness, incorporating earth-based knowledge and healing approaches utilised by our ancestors and indigenous communities for thousands of years. It is a somatic healing retreat.

The program is held on a forested property at Avoca Beach. The program involves; prior to and after camp psychological assessment, counselling with group and individual earth-based rituals (including Sweat Lodge).

With the combined healing potential of community with traditional and current psychological approaches to wellness, you have the opportunity to connect with others and embark on a journey to being an elder warrior. Whilst forming a self supporting camp community that continues post camp and later joins with other elder warrior groups in communal celebration.

Who should attend?

We wholeheartedly welcome; anyone experiencing trauma, PTSD, substance misuse, depression, anxiety, anger problems, a loss of self, a disconnection from others and/or a lack of purpose in life. The program is very well suited to open-minded people looking for something different to the mainstream health system. The program is run by a team of experienced psychologists, counsellors, psychotherapists and healers. We have both men and women on our team including ADF Veterans, who are Wyla Elders.

Wyla Wellness Ltd is a not-for-profit organisation and registered charity with ATO DGR status (all donations are 100% tax deductible). This retreat to offered at no cost.

Workshop Details
Location: Elebanah Forest, Avoca Beach
Format: 5-day residential retreat including psychological assessment and all activities
Cost I: Activity, all meals, transfers, accommodation and Gosford Station transfers are at no cost