The Wyla Way Trauma/PTSD Workshop for Women

Dates: 21-29 May 2022 (dates may change as a flow on from COVID19)

Location: Elebanah, Avoca Beach, NSW

Cost: Free (tax deductible donations from families/friends are always appreciated)

Inclusions: Workshop, meals, tent accommodation and vision quest transfers.

For detailed brochure please email:

Elder Warrior Program Registration

Have you been in hospital for mental health problems in the last 12 months?
Are you currently under the care of a psychiatrist?
Have you engaged in any self-harm behaviours in the last 12 months (e.g. cutting yourself)?
Have you been having frequent suicidal thoughts lately?
Are you able and willing to abstain from all drugs and alcohol while on the Wyla camp?
Are you able and willing to continue taking any prescribed medications while on the Wyla camp?
Have you been in trouble with the law for violent behaviour in the last 12 months?
Are you claustrophobic (i.e. get anxious in enclosed spaces)?
Do you drink more than 4 alcoholic drinks per day on most days of the week?
Do you currently smoke cannabis more than once a week?
Have you ever spoken to anyone about your trauma?
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